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Rosary Rings in Gold and Silver

Pray the rosary easily and conveniently anywhere using a rosary ring. Comfortable to wear and spins easily on your finger as you pray the rosary. Our rosary rings are available in solid 14K yellow gold, solid 14K white gold and solid sterling silver in whole finger sizes 4-12. Custom sizing is available upon request.

Each rosary ring has a raised cross and 10 raised beads equal to 1 decade on a standard rosary. You can personalize your rosary ring with our inside ring engraving services. All of our 14K gold rosary rings include inside ring engraving at no additional charge

How to Pray the Rosary Ring

Start by reciting the Our Father prayer on the cross. Rotate the rosary ring slightly to the first bead and recite the Hail Mary prayer reflecting on one of the mysteries in the life of Christ. Continue rotating the rosary ring, one bead at a time, reciting the Hail Mary prayer for each of the 10 beads. Then recite the Glory Be prayer when you have rotated the rosary ring back to the cross. Repeat this fifteen times for the fifteen mysteries of the full Rosary.