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A story about filling a charm bracelet with memories

An empty charm bracelet sits in my jewelry box, but it is not forgotten – far from it. It does not contain any charms as of yet, but it will not remain empty – far from it. The bracelet is already slated to live a long and exceptional life, cataloguing the hobbies and accomplishments of my children.

The blank slate of a charm bracelet was a gift from my husband celebrating the birth of our second child. While he presented my with an equally exquisite gift of jewelry on our wedding day, I was not expecting one with my daughter’s birth. Still, wrapped in a long velvet box, awaited the precious gift.

My husband wanted to start off with a charm commemorating our daughter’s birth, but he could not decide on one. He described several, including a baby buggy, baby bottle and rattle. He figured I could choose when I felt up to it.

I like the idea of the rattle, but with a full-time job and an active five month old, I still have not found the time to start my collection. That doesn’t mean I haven’t thought of it. Quite the contrary. As I said before, this bracelet awaits a journey – beginning with a rattle.

For my second charm, I am going to get a football to symbolize our eight-year-old son’s latest passion. I may have to add a baseball or baseball bat simultaneously, as the second sport is a close second in his heart.

From there, I figure it will be time to choose one of the baby charms again; we plan on having another baby in the not-too-distant future. I am partial to the baby buggy but will just as happily accept the bottle.

My daughter is sure to be a soccer player, so the bracelet will soon take on the look of that of a sports fan as opposed to a proud mother, but that’s fine by me. I imagine gymnast charms will be hard to find, but if she chooses to follow in her mother’s footsteps, I will search high and low until I find one!

I think the third child will be an artist, simply because the other two are not (so far), so a paintbrush will be on the list.

As my son grows, I see his interest and talents in math mature, and I envision him putting his brain to use as an architect or engineer one day. I’m sure I could find a house charm or pencil charm to show his accomplishments. If he had his wish right now, however, I would be adding a Super Bowl ring to my bracelet!

I’m not so sure about the future of the other children. With one still focusing on sitting up and the other yet to be born, their talents are still to be seen. When they become clear, however, I will start looking for charms.

One day, I will be a grandmother, and my charm bracelet will be too full to add the likes and accomplishments of my grandchildren. Hopefully my children will see fit to buy me another bracelet at that point, but by no means will the other one be forgotten! I foresee many fireside story times explaining to each grandbaby the charms that represent her mother or father, and when on of them is old enough to tell the stories on her own, the bracelet will pass hands.

So, for now it sits in my jewelry box, neither forgotten nor discarded. It simply waits for life to begin!