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St. Peregrine Medals

St. Peregrine is the patron saint of AIDS, cancer victims, and skin disease.

St. Peregrine Laziosi is known as The Cancer Saint. During a public gathering, St. Pererine came out of a large croud to strike the visiting Saint Philip Benizi in the face. Over time, St. Peregrine grew remorseful over the act and because of this started to change his ways. Soon after, St. Peregine had a vision of the Blessed Mother asking him to enter the Servite Order. Doing so, he devoted the remainder of his life to his faith and, as a priest in Forli, became known as the Angel of Good Counsel. There were many reports of healings and people being raised from the dead by the hand of St. Peregrine. He later developed cancer in his right leg. A highly respected surgeon recommeded amputation to save St. Peregrine's life, but the night before the surgery, St. Peregrine had another vision. This vision was of Jesus coming down from the cross with an outstretched hand. The next morning St. Peregrine was miracuously healed.