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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Medals

Elizabeth Ann Seton was beatified in 1963 and canonized on September 14, 1975. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is the patron saint of death of children, in-law problems, loss of parents and widows.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was a wife, mother, single parent, and the founder of the American Sisters of Charity.

She was born into an Anglican family and embraced the Roman Catholic faith as an adult. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was the first person born in the United States to be canonized as a saint.

We must pray without ceasing, in every occurrence and employment of our lives - that prayer which is rather a habit of lifting up the heart to God as in a constant communication with Him. - Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Prayer by Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

O Father, the first rule of Our dear Savior's life was to do Your Will. Let His Will of the present moment be the first rule of our daily life and work, with no other desire but for its most full and complete accomplishment. Help us to follow it faithfully, so that doing what You wish we will be pleasing to You. Amen.