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St. Christopher Medals

St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, bookbinders, epilepsy, gardeners, mariners, pestilence, and thunder-storms. The St. Christopher medal is one of the most popular patron saint medals. We offer a wide assortment of St. Christopher medals to choose from. Each St. Christopher medal is crafted with solid 14K gold or sterling silver.

A large man from Palestine, he worked as human ferry helping travelers ford a raging river. One day a small child asked for this service. Perched on St Christopher's shoulder, the child grew heavier and heavier as they crossed the river. Upon reaching the other side St Christopher asked Who are you, that you place me in such peril. It seems I was carrying the whole world on my shoulders. The child replied You not only carried the whole world but him who made it. I am Jesus Christ the King.

St. Christopher is often portrayed as a giant or an ogre carrying Jesus, a sword, and a shield. The Eastern Orthodox faith images of St. Christopher are of a man with the head of a dog.

The name Christopher means Christ-bearer in Greek. According to some accounts, Christopher was originally from Libya, which would make him of African descent.